CES rollouts extend connectivity, app integration

The tightening links between autos and consumer electronics were in evidence at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas as several automakers and suppliers unveiled infotainment technologies. Connectivity and simplified app integration technologies were among the many transportation offerings at the monstrous show.


Vendors throughout the industry unveiled connectivity products. An amplifier was among Harman’s connectivity offerings. It uses a customized microcontroller to provide connectivity, noise cancellation, equalization, and surround sound. That trims size and complexity significantly.

“The Summit Connected Amplifier is the first system based on our system-on-chip technology,” said John Fitzgerald, ‎Senior Vice President of Harman’s Branded Audio Division. “Its functionality would traditionally require four to five digital signal processors and a microprocessor.”

Toyota unveiled a connected vehicle framework based on a Data Communication Module that will become a globally uniform technology by 2019. This standardized architecture will replace a handful of technologies now used in various regions.

In one of many phone-related moves, Toyota also teamed with Ford in hopes of

GT Concept reveals Opel/Vauxhall’s sports car template

GM’s European brands Opel and Vauxhall may have new minimalist sports cars in the pipeline. The brands will reveal a concept at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show that they describe as “a template” for the sporty shape of things to come.


Sports cars have not been on the Opel and Vauxhall agenda for several years. But bolder and more individualistic styling linked to some fine powertrains certainly has. Describing the new GT Concept, Mark Adams, GM’s Vice President, Design Europe, called it “dramatic, sculptural and full of innovation.” Unlike current Opel/Vauxhall products, the car has a front/mid-engine, rear wheel drive configuration.

Opel/Vauxhall is demonstrating the seriousness of the GT Concept by providing some pre-Geneva technical details. Its 3-cylinder engine, driving through a 6-speed sequential gearbox, is a 107-kW (143-hp), 205-N·m (151-lb·ft) version of the 1.0-L turbo unit currently used extensively by the company.

The car weighs “under 1000 kg,” according to Adams, and performance claims include 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in less than 8.0 s and a Vmax of

Nissan readies light-duty version of Titan pickup

At February’s Chicago auto show, Nissan revealed the 2017 light-duty (half-ton) version of the Titan pickup as the promised follow-up to the 2016 Titan XD quasi-commercial model that straddles the line between light- and heavy-duty pickups. But the Chicago unveiling wasn’t entirely conventional: Nissan showed only photos of the half-ton version of the Titan and said it will be in showrooms this summer.


Nissan found reluctance from consumers regarding the first-generation light-duty Titan, which was launched in 2003 on the pickup-specific “F-Alpha” ladder-frame chassis and continued through 2015. So the company decided to take a different vector with the Titan XD in an attempt to address the market space between light-duty pickups – which the Detroit Three automakers dominate (to the ongoing chagrin of Nissan and Toyota) – and the larger heavy-duty models that are increasingly popular with both commercial and “business-personal” buyers.

The half-ton Titan will compete in the heart of the full-size pickup segment, while the XD provides a unique solution for customers by bridging the cost and capability gap

Automotive Painting and Body Technician Courses

Automotive Painting and Body Technician courses provide students with hands-on-training and experience for work as an Auto Body Technician and Automotive Refinishing Prep Technician, two fields that are in constant demand. Automotive Painting and Body Technician courses focus on developing the skills required to ensure successful entry into an automotive painting and bodywork profession.

The automotive Industry remains one of the most important in North America, despite the restructuring that has captured so much attention. There continues to be mass competition, significant advances in technology, including many “green initiatives”, and ongoing demand to repair and service the some 500 million cars that are already on the road.

Automotive Painting and Body Technician courses will often cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to the Automotive Industry and shop safety
  • Automotive detailing
  • Automotive refinishing prep tools and shop procedures
  • Materials
  • Surface preparation
  • Small dent repair
  • Priming
  • Plastic parts refinishing
  • Masking procedures
  • Introduction to refinishing procedures
  • Tools and equipment
  • Welding technology
  • Sheet metal repair
  • Vehicle construction technology
  • Plastic repair technology

The pay structure for a Refinishing Prep and Auto Body Technician leaves plenty of room for earning growth. On average, Collision Repair Technicians make between $40,000 and $56,000 per year. Pursuing a career in auto body repair painting means you can

Training for Automotive Service Technician Careers

Accredited vocational and technical schools and colleges are available to provide a quality education for those looking to pursue careers as automotive service technicians. Training can allow students to gain the skills they need to start their desired career in the automotive field. Career training possibilities can include earning a certificate or associate level degree. Students should look into various programs in order to find the one that fits their individual goals.

There are a number of things to know about obtaining a career in this area of the field.

  1. Automotive service technicians are trained to maintain, repair, and inspect various automotives.
  2. Students can learn to work with trucks and cars that are powered by gasoline, ethanol, electricity, and more.
  3. Work can involve using electronic diagnostics, compression gages, digital manuals, and a variety of other tools including hand held.
  4. Training for a career as an automotive service technician can be done at several levels including the certificate and associate degree level.

By gaining knowledge in what these professionals do and what it takes to pursue a career, students can start on the right path.

Training for a career requires a lot of hard work and dedication

Automotive Technical Schools

Automotive technical schools are specially designed to prepare students in the automotive field as professional automotive technicians. During the past decade, the number of automotive technical schools has increased manifold and most offer unique specializations. The automotive industry is not just confined to engines and repair work; opportunities are diverse. With the automobile industry at an all-time high, job opportunities in this field are many.

Automotive technical schools offer a wide range of career programs in the areas of fuel and ignition systems, engines and repair, brakes, power trains, electronics and diagnostic equipment, transmissions, auto electronic fundamentals, custom motorcycle body fabrication, collision repair and refinishing, emission testing, and much more. Some of the common programs to be found in the automotive technical schools include automotive technician training, collision repair and refinishing, diesel and industrial technician training, automotive service management, and mechanical drafting design and CAD technology.

Based on the courses, students finishing automotive technical schools are awarded diplomas or degree certificates. Almost every automotive technical school boasts experienced and highly qualified instructors from the automotive sectors. The fees at most of the schools are a bit high but financial aid packages are available at most

Step Into the Field of Automotive Technology With Online Education

Automotive Technology has revolutionized the human way of living since with the introduction of the first automobile in 1885. This area of study comes under the vocational field of education which has developed in a dramatic way mainly due to the ever-increasing purchasing of new and used automobiles.

According to a research passed on 2007 there were about 135,399,945 licensed automobiles present in the US alone. Hence the more automobiles you have the more skilled automotive personals you need. For those of you looking for an opportunity to seek automotive technology training online you can now become a professional in to time with the following certificate and degree programs.

Automotive Training (Online Certificate Program)

The certificate program provides students with technical and complex ability to deal with all kinds of car problems; it also provides you with skills which enable you to handle and fix all braking, electronics and engine problems.

If you prefer automotive technology training online then it will take you about six to eighteen months to complete the certificate program. The following coursework is included in the automotive training certificate program:

• Performance and Diagnosis

• Automotive Service

Automotive and Diagnostic Equipment Financing

Today, the mechanical industry relies mostly on sophisticated automotive and diagnostic equipments. Alignment machines, computer diagnostic stations etc are indispensable in repairing machines. Since these repair facilities are high-priced, automotive and diagnostic equipment financing has assumed greater importance today. Those seeking automotive and diagnostic equipments with reliable financing companies which provide equipments at great terms can certainly do a lot good to their business.

Automotive equipments are of a specialized nature and at times facilitate only a single repair. Therefore it is essential to keep a set of such equipments in order to provide the repairing service without any interruption. At times, the automotive equipment set may be costlier than a vehicle. This is the reason for why people are going for automotive equipment financing.

There are several categories of automotive and diagnostic equipment financing which include air compressor financing, welder financing, automotive hand tool financing, brake lathe financing and so on. You can apply for any loan by submitting a loan application to the financing company. One can avail online application forms for getting automotive and diagnostic equipment financing, courtesy the internet.

Diagnostic equipments are much sophisticated owing to which modern automobiles rely

Make an Educated Choice With Automotive Reviews

What are the benefits of automotive reviews and who benefits from them? The answer appears to be simple. The consumer is given all the details he/she might be interested in, as well as a rating of the automobile, so he/she appears to be the sole beneficiary of automotive reviews, since they are useful instruments in making the right choice when purchasing a car. But automotive reviews can work for the benefit of car dealers just as well, as their websites will be considerably trafficked, and initiation of leads from the part of the informed consumers – potential consumers – is more likely to take place.

When car dealers are interested in attracting visitors to their websites, they have a great variety of means at their disposal. A good ranking made by a search engine will definitely come with an increased number of visitors, but another problem still remains. How do you retain those visitors and turn them into potential customers? Automotive reviews are the answer. Good automotive reviews offer the right information that the visitors require. A first step, which is very important, is that the potential customers will spend quite some time reading the automotive

Tips to Buy Automotive Parts

Choosing appropriate auto parts for your car is as important as buying the car itself. A wrong decision can lead to a more expensive product or even worst, accidents can happen when faulty auto parts are purchased. But a good decision will definitely give best results. Let us examine some essential things that a buyer or car owner should consider when purchasing automotive parts either new or slightly used.

When purchasing these products, it is strongly recommended to seek professional help prior to taking any action. Similar to what we do when we are not experts or unsure of some things that need accurate decisions, seeking help from professionals is always on the brighter side. Professionals can provide you with concrete ideas on the necessity and best alternative for an auto part you are trying to purchase. They sometimes would recommend stores that they have proven to be the best source for that car part.

Choose only genuine auto parts if necessary. With genuine auto parts, a car owner is guaranteed of the same quality as the original part fitted on the car. Parts like brakes, rocket arm, crankshaft, and other vital parts of a

A True Piece of American Automotive History

The better known ZR1 of the 1990’s started to come together in the 1980’s between the Corvette development team and the Lotus Engineering group. The two entities wanted to build an entirely new V8 engine that would be installed in a limited production line of Corvettes that were based on the C4 generation Corvette. This new engine, complimented the already long list of other large differences from its predecessor the C3, to include over 250 lbs weight difference, rear mounted transaxle, transverse leaf spring suspension and the central backbone.

The all aluminum block called the LT5 had the same displacement 5.7 liters/350cu. in. while also sporting the same 4.4 in. bore centers as the L98 engine did. However it was a 4 cam, 32 valve monster that put out 375 hp at 6000 rpms which by the way was only 5 horsepower shy of the very popular Ferrari Testarossa. To get a better idea, the L98 only put out 250 hp at 4400 rpms. It was only a matter of short time until everyone was happy with the way the LT5 performed and brought the production of the engine from Lotus in England to Mercury Marine

5 Expert Driving Tips for Women Driving Alone

With more and more women making their presence in several sectors of the society, it is no longer a taboo where only men dominated tasks and women were mere spectators. Things have changed and women are equally capable of performing tasks that men though were meant only for them. Driving is one such task that is equally handled by both men and women in the best way. Necessary study states that women are considerate and patient when it comes to driving and are prone to lesser accidents when compared to men.

Even though women are capable of handling the wheels in the best possible ways, there are times when it gets uncomfortable especially when they are driving alone without any companion. With the rising rate of crimes in urban cities, it at times is dangerous for them to drive about alone and thus here are a few tips for all those women who intend to drive alone and can be safe.

• Check the accessories – Before you set out for your car ride, check the status of all the car accessories like the wind screen, lights, tyres, etc. as an emergency while on road

Automotive Advertising Agencies Need to Reinvent Themselves to Support Social Media

The role of automotive advertising agencies is changing along with the auto industry that they serve. It is important for automotive advertising agencies to educate themselves and their auto dealer clients about their changing roles in a consolidating auto industry that is shifting onto the Internet Super Highway vs. local car rows.

Problems and solution shared at real world venues in the auto industry are having an impact and the slow shift to the new pull/push world of the consumer driven Internet is becoming more obvious. Similarly, a growing number of online social networking communities are also all helping to spread the word and their timing couldn’t be better.

The only constant in the auto industry is change. Of course human nature is also a universal constant, but since that is the fuel that powers most change in the auto industry it must be factored in and considered by automotive advertising agencies who can now look to consumers for the answers.

Radio, T.V. and newspapers are no longer the media of choice for today’s Internet savvy consumers. B2C messages online are filtered out in favor of C2C conversations in social networking communities that now

Free Tips for Saving Money on Fuel

Drivers are overjoyed that gas prices have finally dropped and remained steady. But even though gasoline is affordable now, we still want to be constantly improving our money-saving skills. And finding ways to save money on fuel, no matter how much it costs, is a good place to start! Remember, every dollar counts, and after sometime, those dollars quickly add up! That’s more money toward your mortgage, groceries, childcare, and you of course! So continue reading for some free tips on how to spend less money on fuel in your hometown, and start saving today!

Pass on Premium

We know you love your brand new car, and you want to start off on the right track, but no matter how new or old your vehicle is, there is no need to put premium gasoline in the tank if the owners’ manual says regular. A vehicle should only get premium fuel if it requires premium fuel; otherwise, paying for premium is a waste of money. And it will not enhance gas mileage or performance, so simply pass on it to save some cash.

Don’t Top Off the Tank

When you are filling up your

Automotive and Diagnostic Equipment Financing

Automotive tools are highly specialized in nature. Many a time a particular automotive tool serves only a single purpose. Therefore it is essential to have a set of automotive tools in order to avoid any interruptions in the business. However the automotive tool set is extremely expensive. At times, the cost of the tool is more than the cost of vehicle that needs repair. Sometimes the cost of tool set may be more than the vehicle needs to be repaired. Hence automotive tool financing is becoming essential nowadays.

There are some legitimate financing companies have an expertise in financing automotive tools. You can seek their help by submitting an online application provided by them. They ensure fast approval of the amount required to acquire automotive tool set.

Automotive tools financing is normally available under various options. Automotive Air compressor is one among them which helps in acquiring the equipment which costs thousands of dollars. There are various types of compressors like compact air compressor, piston compressor, single stage compressor, two stage compressor and so on. Due to automotive tool financing it is possible for almost all companies to acquire any of the aforementioned types of

Save Time And Money With Easy DIY Auto Maintenance Tips

You can save time and money with easy DIY auto maintenance tips and they are simple. Find out how to lower your car maintenance costs by doing some easy tasks.

(BPT) – Vehicles are a big investment for families – usually the second highest valued item in a household after the home itself. While the purchase price for cars, trucks and SUVs keeps going up, the cost of maintenance is holding steady or even dropping for most vehicles. Better materials, sophisticated computers and other advances increase reliability and allow less frequent oil changes, tune-ups and other service.

Owners can do some of the work themselves to lower maintenance costs even further. Anyone interested in saving money and increasing pride of ownership by doing their own work can spend just a few minutes and accomplish the following four maintenance tasks easily, without any expensive tools or training.

* Cabin Air Filter Replacement

The air conditioner is cranked up on those hot summer days. The cabin air filter keeps the air blowing through the heat and air conditioning ventilation system clean, and it should be replaced at least once a year. But in areas

Saving the Automotive Industry Through Social Media

Nobody can deny just how the global economy has turned for the worse. Everywhere in the world, you’ll find companies shutting down, families separating so one can work abroad to earn more, or even countries wallowing in economic depression. All of these can be felt by almost all businessmen out there who are struggling to prop themselves up at a time when a world financial crisis seems to be pounding harder and harder down on them. While there remain businesses that continue to make money such as home-based stores and those that sell basic commodities, others have seriously suffered from the crunch.

One of the those reeling from the effects of the global crisis is the automotive industry. These days, people have become more and more selective in the things they spend on. Because of the challenge brought about by the crisis, most folks have been prioritizing and leaving little budget, if, at all, for what might otherwise be considered luxury. Cars are, of course, perfect examples. While an average-earning family could afford another car in the last decade, they would now rather invest their hard-earned money in real estate where its value can grow over

Ignition Rekeying and Automotive Tips

The locks possess central importance for safety of the houses, cars, motor cycles and other valuable belongings. They can be operated easily and therefore; these are the basic mode in order to avoid any robbery. As the gold would be nothing without a gold smith, similarly, a lock would be useless without any locksmith.

Ignition rekey is a very detailed process since the ignition has many small parts. Do not try to change the ignition wafers by yourself as you can damage your ignition system and your vehicle. This damage can turn into very costly repairs. Let Las Vegas Locksmiths rekey your ignition quickly and professionally with no damage. Our highly trained technicians will come to you and rekey your ignition. You will be offered different options for your situations.

Remember having your ignition rekeyed will help to prevent car theft and unauthorized use of your vehicle. We offer ignition rekey for many makes and models. Please call us for free estimate and consultation. All our locksmith services are mobile locksmith services in Las Vegas metro area.

For automotive purposes, the locksmith’s services are available for 24 hours a day and they move in

How to Decide What Trailer You Need

When it comes to choosing the right trailer that will best fit your needs, you may find there to be many different types, brands and models of trailers to choose from. Selecting the right trailer from the right manufacturer seems very challenging. How a trailer is designed goes far in determining how long it will last and whether it’s appropriate for your needs.

1. At the beginning you need to focus on the right manufacturer that is highly specialized in producing towing vehicles. This is one golden rule when buying a trailer and the reason is very simple. A trusted manufacturer will deliver a quality product at a reasonable price. Purchasing from a manufacturer you barely know, means you are putting yourself at a risk, especially if the dealer in not reputable.

2. What type of trailer do you need? Some trailers are made for personal use, but some trailers are highly specialized as part of large trucks and used for hauling heavy things. Decide the purpose. There are trailers made to haul motorcycles behind huge automobiles. Another type of trailer can carry weight and may be fully enclosed or adapted to protect the items

Top 10 Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean Internally

It’s not unusual to see a shiny and very impressive car and then to glance inside and see what looks like a garbage scow.

That can be off-putting to friends, family and colleagues, many of whom might wonder what such a state might indicate about your wider lifestyle!

So, here are a few tips gleaned from professional luxury limo hire companies about keeping a vehicle clean.

1. Keep dirty people out of it. OK, partly a joke but it has a serious side. If people have muddy boots and shoes on, it’s not unreasonable to ask them to remove them before getting in. Even if you have good mats, mud can still get onto your upholstery. So, keep a plastic bag or box in the boot ready for dirty shoes. A limo hire company couldn’t ask their paying guests to do so but you as a private driver can!

2. Don’t allow eating in the car. Crumbs are a nightmare to get out of nooks and crannies, even with an industrial strength vacuum.

3. Be cautious about liquids. Sometimes hydration is important when driving but ask people to use a cup rather